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Studierende stehen vor dem Haupteingang zur Universität Erfurt

Generally, exchange students can get admission to almost all of the BACHELOR programs offered by the University of Erfurt. As exchange student you can attend classes across all faculties. After successful application you get admission to a program that is closest to the one you study at your home university. Please note that Admission to the programs Art, Physical Education and Music Mediation is restricted because all of them require specific assessment tests. The tests usually take place months before your exchange start semester. Admission is possible only after consulting the respective departments.

You can only get admission to one of the MASTER programs offered by the University of Erfurt if you already have a Bachelor' or equivalent degree. In that case, please enclose you Bachelor's certificate Please note that you cannot get admission to the Master program Public Policy.

Please mind the advices on the study system at the University of Erfurt.

Application in four steps

Step 1: Official nomination by home university

Before application for the exchange studies at Erfurt University, you need to be officially nominated by your home University's International Office or the Departmental Coordinator. After your nomination, we will send you all application information. Applications without previous nominations will not be accepted. 

Nomination deadline for winter semester: June 1 (for winter semester 2020/21: July 1)

Nomination deadline for summer semesters: November 15

Step 2: Online application (please read instructions!)

We administrate exchanges with the Mobility-Online portal. 

After printing the form and sending it online, you need to create a user account by choosing a username and a password.

Please note down your username, your password as well the weblink and keep that information. You will need it for the further administration steps for your exchange. 

Please finish the online application as follows:

  • fill out your personal data
  • upload a phozo
  • print the application form
  • sign the application form
  • have the application form signed and stamped by the coordinator of your home university

Links to Mobility Online portal (read the instrucions above!):

Online application form for Erasmus+ students

Online application form for students at Non-Erasmus partner universities

Step 3: Further application documents

Step 4: Send application

Please send the application documents by postal mail to the following address:

Universität Erfurt
Internationales Büro
Nordhäuser Str. 63
99089 Erfurt

Should postal mail services not be possible due to the current Corona pandemic, please send your application to This currently (October 2020) applies to a few Non-EU countries.

What happens then? 
We are going to process your application and will then send you further information. 

Application deadlines and semester schedule

Dates & deadlines

Application deadline for WINTER SEMESTERS is June 15
Application deadline for SUMMER SEMESTERS is November 30

Please apply as early as possible!

Winer semesters start in September*/October and end in February.
Summer semesters start in March*/April and end in July.

*Your exchange studies begin in September (in October in WS20) or March, respectively, if you attend the German Preparatory Course for exchange students

Factsheet with most important facts and deadlines for winter semester 2020/21 

Factsheet with most important facts and deadlines for summer semester 2021 

Course Catalogue

Hoersaal 1 KIZ Uni Erfurt

The Course Catalogue depicts the course offer. The course offer for winter semesters is usually published in July/August. The course offer for summer semesters is usually offered in February/March.

Exchange students in the Erasmus+ program are advised to use the course catalogues of previous semesters, respectively. Please note that the course offer may change and that you may need to change your Learning Agreement after arrival. 

Courses taught in English

passport on map

At the University of Erfurt the main language of instruction is German. Some faculties do offer courses taught in English (see section Taught in English). Please note that the admission to classes taught in a Master degree can only be permitted if you hold a Bachelor degree. In any case, the teaching staff decides who can attend their classes.  

German skills

We strongly recommend exchange students to arrive at least with an A2 level according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). In order to be able to follow subject courses in German, a level of at least B1 CEFR is required. The University of Erfurt's Language Center offers German language courses for the duration of the lecture periods. You will have to attend an online assessment test before the semester starts.  

Please apply as early as possible, especially if you come from a Non-European country and need to apply for a visa!

Information material

Information for international students and guests (EN)
Exchange Student Guide
Exchange Student Guide (EN)