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With "KleinDaHeim" at Bits&Pretzels 2023

With our start-up project "KleinDaHeim", we are off to Munich for Europe's largest start-up fair "Bits & Pretzels 2023". With Hendrik Jahn (University of Erfurt) as the representative of the multi-member start-up team, the Founders Service is going on a fact-finding tour in terms of cooperation, financing & investment.


After the event we are going on with individual consultations focused on applying for EXIST Business Start-up Grant.

Housing is a basic human need and one of the central issues in Germany today. While the real estate market suffers from price increases and availability problems, many dream of a place they can call their own. This is exactly where the start-up project "KleinDaHeim" comes in to provide an innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solution to this widespread problem.

In Germany, the lack of affordable housing is clearly noticeable. With rising building costs, interest rates and a noticeable downturn in the construction industry, the dream of owning a home is becoming increasingly unattainable for a large part of the population. In addition, the equally steadily growing rent and sharply increased energy costs are causing certain population groups to become dependent. The problem of land consumption is exacerbated by the increase in living space per capita. This is because there are more and more one-person households and individual space requirements continue to rise. More and more new land is being developed, primarily in the countryside, instead of using existing building land in the cities. While 94% of the German population express the desire to own their own home, less than 10% can afford a traditional single-family home due to income requirements. The availability of social housing is also causing growing discontent among the population.

The vision of KleinDaHeim is to use scarce space in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way with innovatively designed TinyHouses and a specially developed 3D configuration software, and to provide economically efficient and socially just housing with consideration for future generations. The Founders Service would like to support this project with all the means at its disposal. We are looking forward to further developments.

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