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Mazel tov! University of Erfurt congratulates the city on its World Heritage success

UNESCO has inscribed the Jewish sites in Erfurt – the Old Synagogue, the Mikvah and the Stone House – on the World Heritage List. The decision was announced by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee at its meeting in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh.

The Old Synagogue in Erfurt.

"As the University of Erfurt, we warmly congratulate the City of Erfurt on the award of this title," explains Professor Walter Bauer-Wabnegg, President of the University of Erfurt. Many years of intensive research on the Jewish sites and a very committed development and communication to the public have now had an effect, for which we should be grateful. For Erfurt and Thuringia, the title of World Heritage Site is a real milestone. "We have always enjoyed working with the city of Erfurt for many years when it comes to Jewish heritage," said Bauer-Wabnegg. He recalled, among other things, the intensive cooperation within the framework of the Research Centre "Dynamics of Ritual Practices in Judaism in Pluralistic Contexts from Antiquity to the Present". Lectures and colloquia as well as major international conferences had brought internationally renowned experts to Erfurt. The award of the title of World Heritage Site gives rise to further cooperation and motivates this. "As a University of Erfurt, we are happy to make our academic expertise available in the future as well when it comes to the Jewish sites in Erfurt." According to Bauer-Wabnegg, the historical sites always bring up today's Jewish life in Erfurt. Dealing with the past and present of Judaism in Erfurt is the task of research and teaching at the University of Erfurt.