Subject Student Council

What are student representatives and who do they represent?


Subject Student Council (FSR) is your student representative at subject level. The members deal with all matters concerning studies, examinations and consultations within the degree programme.


Every student is a member of the student council in whose area (degree programme) he or she is enrolled.

Elections to the Student Representative Council

The election of the members of the student council takes place once a year directly by the students of the student council. Every student of the student council can stand for election.

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Which Subject Student Councils are there?

There is a student council for (almost) every degree programme.

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Subject Student Council Representative (StuRa)

The department Student Council Representative (Fachschaftsratbeauftragte*r) deals with the networking of students in the Subject Student Councils (FSRs) with each other and the link with the Student Council (Student Council).

Student Council Representative