Studying with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

Finding the right course of studies for yourself is not easy. Prospective students with long-term impairments (e.g. hearing, seeing and speaking impairments, as well as those with posturing and movement devices, chronic-somatic and physical illnesses such as partial performance and autism-spectrum disruptions) need special information about:

  • Will my impairment be considered in the application procedure (e.g. as a hardship case)?

  • How are the course requirements in my programme of study? Can I study ‘well’ with my impairment? Will I receive support?

Contact Points for these questions for:

  • Prospective Students

  • Applicants

  • Students

  • Graduates (who do not belong to academic staff);

are the Diversity Officer and the Department I: Registrar's Office for prospective students and their team. The Officer can consult and support you in study-related affairs that are connected to your impairment. We will gladly help you obtain an overview and help you find informational and consulting offers that can answer your specific questions and clarify your concerns. Early contact is recommended.

Application for Affirmative Action

In preparation for an appointment with the Diversity Officer or the Department 1: Registrar's Office is it helpful if you have already filled in the following form and bring it with you to the appointment.

Application Form

Financing of Disability Contingent Additional Study Requirements

The following references are prepared by the German Student Services Office, Information and Consulting Centre Studying and Disabilities.
(Stand Berlin, 06.04.2017)


Bernhard Becher, Ass. Jur., LL.M.-UEA