Erfurt School of Education, Erziehungswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Discussion on Protestant Religious Education in Thuringia

2. Apr 2024, 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Lehrgebäude 2, lecture hall 5 (C07 / Campus)
Erfurt School of Education (ESE)
Regional Bishop
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open to the university public with registration

The Martin Luther Institute invites you to a discussion with State Bishop Friedrich Kramer. The topic of the public university discussion is the question "What is going on in Protestant Religious Education in the Free State of Thuringia?".

Information from the organiser about the event

  • What is happening in Protestant Religious Education in the Free State of Thuringia?
  • In which direction should the subject develop? More denominational co-operation or even Christian religious education, as is being considered in other federal states?
  • How does the state church support the school subject and the student teachers?
  • What do the students and the university expect from the state bishop and the Evangelical Church in Central Germany?

These questions are the subject of a discussion between State Bishop Friedrich Kramer, teachers and students at the University of Erfurt who want to teach Protestant Religious Education after graduating. Friedrich Kramer will report on his experiences of a visit to religious education and share his thoughts on the importance of the subject with the participants. This is intended to provide an opportunity to familiarise the regional bishop and the church's school representatives with the situation at the University of Erfurt.


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