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Future Workshop: "Education in a World Shaped by Uncertainty and Transformation"

As part of the application of the city of Eisenach as a location for the "Future Centre for German Unity and European Transformation" planned by the Federal Government, the partners involved invite you to a future workshop entitled "Education in a World Shaped by Uncertainty and Transformation". It will take place on 30 September from 2 to 4 p.m. in the "Rathaussaal" of the Old Town Hall in Eisenach.

One of the central intentions of the "Future Centre for German Unity and European Transformation" planned by the Federal Government is to promote discourses on social transformation processes and their consequences as well as processes of knowledge generation and knowledge exchange around future issues in the context of accelerated social and technological change. Within the framework of the Future Workshop stakeholders from Thuringia's educational landscape are now invited to explore the potential of the Future Centre for educational tasks in a democratic, pluralistic and uncertain society against the background of their experiences and to develop ideas for helping to shape the Future Centre.

Interested parties can still register until 26.09.2022 at the following e-mail address: sandra.taenzer@uni-erfurt.de

Background Future Centre:

The Federal Government is planning to establish a research and meeting centre in eastern Germany with the "Future Centre for German Unity and European Transformation". In doing so, it wants to honour the East Germans' experience with change and upheaval and provide impulses for other regions of Europe currently affected by change. The federal government plans to invest 200 million euros in the project, and about 200 jobs are to be created. A location competition is currently taking place, in which the city of Eisenach is also participating. It is supported by academic partners such as the University of Erfurt and the "Duale Hochschule Gera-Eisenach".

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