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A name for the square between cafeteria and teaching building 1

The square between the cafeteria and teaching building 1 on the campus of the University of Erfurt now has a name. As the city of Erfurt, where the naming had to be applied for, has now announced, the square will be called "Hieranaplatz".

The square between the cafeteria and teaching building 1 now has a name: Hieranaplatz.

The background to this is that in the course of implementing a new guidance and orientation system for the University of Erfurt, the existing postal addresses are also to be revived and the aforementioned square integrated into the system. Up to now, all buildings have operated under the collective address Nordhäuser Straße 63, which does not always make it easy - e.g. for suppliers (and visitors who want to reach certain people or facilities via navigation systems) - to find the specific building. Nevertheless, there are already concrete postal addresses, which only hardly anyone has used in the past, e.g. Mathes-Maler-Straße, Alfred-Weber-Platz, Saalestraße and Alfred-Weber-Allee. Meanwhile, the square between the cafeteria building and teaching building 1 did not yet have a name.

Therefore, in 2022, all university members were called upon to participate in the naming process and submit suggestions. The collected suggestions were evaluated by a jury consisting of members of the guidance and orientation system working group and the Presidium. Of a total of 44 suggestions submitted, first place went to "Sidonia Hedwig Zäunemann," the name that was named by far the most frequently by university members. Second place went to "Hieranaplatz", as a reminiscence of the "Old University of Erfurt". These two names were then forwarded as a joint proposal from the University of Erfurt to the city's street naming commission and prioritized accordingly for naming. The street name commission had thereupon communicated, the name Sidona Zäunemann already for the "Zäunemann-Weg" in the straight developing "Lingel Quarter at the Steigerwald" to assign to want and for the university the "Hieranaplatz" favored. This name has now been confirmed by the commission for education and culture.