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Another invitation to the Diversity Workshop

On its way to becoming a "inclusive university", the University of Erfurt invites all university members to another internal workshop on 30 and 31 March from 2 to 5 pm. The event will take place digitally and as part of the diversity audit, a certification that the university has set itself as a goal.

On the one hand, the workshop will provide information on what has already been achieved in terms of diversity at the University of Erfurt. On the other hand, it will be about further planning and, above all, about the exchange between the participants. You can find the detailed programme at: www.uni-erfurt.de/fileadmin/Bilddatenbank/Veranstaltungen/Poster_Flyer/Programm-Workshop_Diversitaet_Maerz2022.pdf (in German only).

If you would like to take part in the event, please register with Niklas Radenbach, the Diversity Officer at the University of Erfurt. You will then receive the access link to the event.