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Call of the equal opportunities officers to the teachers

The Equal Opportunities Officer of the University of Erfurt is currently advising many students who are looking for help because of the double burden of studying and childcare in Corona times, and therefore appeals to the teaching staff...

"Daycare centres, schools and after-school care centres are still closed for the most part, and alternative care options are hardly available. There is not yet any entitlement to emergency care. The students also report that the requirements have increased again this semester compared to other semesters. The students are very concerned about not being able to cope with the workload and the resulting exams.

We therefore ask all teachers to design the e-learning formats in such a way that it is also possible for this group of students to successfully complete courses and exams. Good possibilities are, for example, asynchronous learning opportunities, flexible solutions for the submission and presentation of exams, and the willingness to provide individual advice to the students concerned."