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Bishop Timmerevers stresses the importance of the Faculty of Catholic Theology as a "cultural laboratory"

Heinrich Timmerevers, bishop of the diocese of Dresden-Meissen, has now emphasized during his visit to Erfurt the importance of the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Erfurt as a future-oriented training centre for theologians. Regarding the planned reorientation of priest training in Germany, he said: "A possible merger of priest training does by no means automatically diminish the relevance of our faculties."

"Even though we are currently discussing a concentration of priestly formation, I remain convinced that our country, our society, benefits from the scientific reflection of faith and the Christian values that shape us," says the theologian. "In Erfurt, the debate on the question of God takes place in a secular environment that is simply 'normal' in this region. In the necessary critical examination of faith, I see the Erfurt faculty as a 'cultural laboratory' in view of a growing secular society and in dialogue with the other sciences. Erfurt has excellent conditions for studying - not only geographically."

The bishop's visit to Erfurt on June 30 was in the context of the commemoration day in honour of the diocesan patron saint of St Benno (June, 16). At this time every year the Pastor traditionally visits theology students from his diocese at the only Catholic theological faculty in the new German states.