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Changeover of the email inboxes for students and teachers - first milestone

The first milestone has been reached in the complete conversion of the email service for students and lecturers at the University of Erfurt by the summer semester 2021.

Next Tuesday, 15 December, the new webmail access will be activated via the existing URL https://webmail.uni-erfurt.de. With the changeover, the webmail access offers some new features such as

  •  a modern interface optimised for mobile devices,
  •  desktop notifications of new mails,
  •  simpler set-up on iOS and macOS devices, and
  •  the direct adoption of the language from the browser settings.

The following functions will then no longer be offered:

  •   calendar,
  •   folder sharing,
  •   the global address book.

All e-mails and folders are available unchanged via the new webmail access. Personal address books, however, must be imported from the old webmail access (Convergence). Instructions can be found on the help pages of the University Computing and Media Centre or under the "Support" link on the new webmail login page.

Quick links on the new login page https://webmail.uni-erfurt.de can be used to access the old webmail account (Convergence) directly for a transitional period. Links to "Outlook on the Web" (Exchange, mailbox for staff) and Gigamove are also available.

The use of the address https://imap.uni-erfurt.de for webmail (Convergence) is currently still possible, but should be replaced by https://webmail.uni-erfurt.de.

It is recommended that you switch to the new webmail interface as soon as possible. During the lecture-free period, the second milestone will be the changeover of the e-mail servers in the background with an announced service interruption. Access via Convergence will then also be discontinued.

Please note: Exchange users are not affected by the changeover!

The University Computing and Media Centre is happy to receive praise, criticism and tips at rz@uni-erfurt.de.

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