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Changes in vaccination or convalescent status

Due to recent changes in the requirements for vaccination or convalescent status, it may be necessary to update the lists for recording the 2G status at the University of Erfurt.

The requirements for complete vaccination protection (in particular number of vaccinations and combination of vaccines) can be found on the website of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, those for convalescent status (reduction from six months to 90 days) on the website of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Department 2: Human Resources asks all university employees to inform themselves about their individual status.

If employees have voluntarily provided their supervisor with information about their 2G status and if there has been a change in their status, they are obliged to report the change to their supervisor. In addition, it is of course still possible to have the status re-recorded, e.g. if appropriate vaccination protection has been acquired in the meantime.

Employees who are considered neither vaccinated nor recovered or who do not wish to declare their 2G status must continue to show a certificate of a negative test result on a daily basis.