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City Walk in Erfurt

The international collegiate research group "Religion and Urbanity" of the University of Erfurt invites you to a public tour of the city on June, 30.


The collegiate research group investigates how closely religious practices and the urban environment are related. To this end, researchers from a wide range of disciplines are collaborating, exploring fascinating case studies from antiquity to the present day, from Europe, Asia and other regions of the world. These interactions between religion and urbanity also exist in Erfurt's long history. To demonstrate this, there is a publicly accessible city tour in Erfurt every semester. It leads to interesting places and spaces for the research topics and "on site" there are discussions.

For example, one of the "City Walks" took up the highly topical subject of "Co-spatiality" and the overlapping of religious practices in urban spaces. In order to stimulate such discussions, the researchers and their guests from abroad went in search of fascinating places that are otherwise often overlooked - and found what they were looking for. The next "City Walk" is planned for 30 June 2020. Registration at sara.keller@uni-erfurt.de .