Comprehending Canada - Additional Online Course in Module AA05

Comprehending Canada is an online block seminar on Canada's national image, identity and branding, its political economy, the nation's history in regard to Native issues, Canada's relations with the US, and the varied representations of Canadian identity in feature film (4 full length landmark films). This course brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts in Canadian Studies whose insights will allow students to gain a better comprehension of the country.

The online seminar is scheduled to take place in blocks on June 13 and June 20 - 26, 2024 (Zoom).

In the introductory session (2 hours) on June 13, the five participating teachers introduce themselves, their topics, and requirements. Students will gain access to the Moodle-based website of the course. The materials for the course comprise of various readings as well as other links, to prerecorded materials, lectures, programs, websites and 4 movies. Students should work through these on their own, and in so doing prepare for the actual run of the course, from June 20th through June 26.

The course is offered for B Ang/Am 2021, AA05, 6  LP.
Please contact Prof. Ilka Saal, if you are interested in participating:

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