| Willy Brandt School of Public Policy

Guest lecture: Contemporary Discourses on Migrant Female Care Workers, with Thoko Madonko

In most countries, cultural and social norms lead to enormous economic gender inequalities. This is especially relevant for the field of care, where women account for three quarters of all paid workers globally but take up more than 80 per cent of unpaid care work as estimated by Oxfam.

We invited Thoko Madonko, a programme manager at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Southern Africa to us @BrandtSchool to discuss the gender gap in economic participation and opportunity in relation to unpaid female care work. In fact, the need for social and labour protection in the field of care is only increasing, also due to global climate change. The 5R care policies´ framework is one attempt to do justice to the many policy challenges in carework.

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