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"Digital Tapas Bar" goes into the 2nd round

Who is actually sitting in front of the screen? Why does nobody answer my question in the forum? When should I answer the many email inquiries about the seminar? The (first) digital summer semester is over and the next challenge is just around the corner: the (hybrid) winter semester. If you want to get ready for it, you should make a note of the Digital Tapas Bar, which will enter its second round in October.

Have you ever done digital snacking? Diagnosing heterogeneity, establishing a feedback culture and structuring group processes - this can also be done online with various tools. The "Digital Tapas Bar" of the cross-university project "Curricula of the Future - Digital Teaching for Heterogeneity-Sensitive Teachers" offers interested teachers from the University of Erfurt and the University of Jena digital tools for the heterogeneity-sensitive design of online teaching-learning scenarios in small morsels. Just like you know it from a tapas bar. Anyone who missed the Web seminar series last summer semester will have the opportunity to attend all three web seminars again in October as part of a compact event.

Here are the dates:

  •  October 12, 2020 - Diagnosing Heterogeneity Online
  •  October 13, 2020 - Establishing a feedback culture online
  •  October 14, 2020 - Structure group processes online

The web seminars take place in each case in the time from 11 to 12 o'clock. Together with interested colleagues, you can interactively try out the tools presented and use the virtual space to exchange your questions about digital teaching.

You can find further information directly in the Digital Tapas Bar. Participation in the web seminars is free of charge. To register for the 2nd round, please send an e-mail to digitaletapasbar@uni-jena.de.