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Discovery Days 2024: Get to Know Student Life and the Campus

Following its Open Day in May, the University of Erfurt is offering prospective students another opportunity to experience campus life and everyday university life up close in June. During the discovery days from 10 to 14 June 2024, prospective students can attend selected lectures and seminars that offer an insight into the various fields of study.

The primary aim is not to understand the subject matter, but rather to gain an impression of what "studying" means. In direct conversation with students and lecturers, visitors can form their own impression of everyday study life. The programme also includes lectures on study orientation, guided tours of the campus and the library, and information events on the topics of reside and financing.

The offer is aimed at both individual prospective students and school classes. In order to adapt the visit of the Discovery Days in the best possible way to the ideas and interests of the guests, registration via the website www.uni-erfurt.de/en/studium/vor-dem-studium/information-offers/discovery-days is requested. There you will also find further information and the exact programme.