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Hot off the press: Research perspectives on globalisation and world relations

Our 2021 thematic issue on the topic of "Globalisation and World Relations" has just been published. It brings together perspectives and academic approaches from researchers from the various disciplines at the University of Erfurt and is now available online and in print.

Globalisation and world relations - a topic that may sound abstract at first, but which we encounter "live" every day. One that we argue about, that challenges us, that drives us - in very different ways - and that sometimes also makes us doubt. And above all, one that academics at the University of Erfurt are researching and thus have a great deal to contribute. Each from their own perspective and discipline. Whether climate policy or COVID-19, conflict research or space-time observations, historical observations on the beginnings of global phenomena, religion, colonialism, world economy and financial crisis: the spectrum is broad. Our thematic issue is intended to provide an insight into this - our - research and, with a selected student contribution, also to show a perspective of tomorrow's researchers.

You can download the issue as a PDF or pick it up as a print brochure from the Office of University Communications in the Administration Building (while stocks last). We hope you enjoy reading it!