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Plaque of honour of the J.-Selye-University for Prof. Dr. Csaba Földes

Csaba Földes, Professor of German Linguistics at the University of Erfurt, was awarded the Plaque of Honour of the J. Seleye University in Komárno (Slovakia) at a ceremony on March, 4. The university thus honours Professor Földes' commitment to the conception, foundation and development of the interculturally oriented border city university in the early 2000s.

At that time Csaba Földes was appointed part-time professor there and was head of the New Philological Institute, was a member of various committees, e.g. the University Council. "The award means a lot to me," says the linguist. "Above all, however, I am pleased that the work I have planned and begun in Komárno is obviously bearing fruit: The university, including its philological subjects, can now boast of increasing success. It is a good feeling to see that my former students and staff continue the work they started together on a high level and have not forgotten me. At the same time, this award will be an incentive for me to further deepen our contacts and, to the best of my ability, to be of particular, but not only, service to German Studies at J. Seleye University."