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Result of the Staff Council elections

In a circular letter to the employees of the University of Erfurt, the Staff Council today announced the results of the recent Staff Council elections:

At the constituent meeting of the Staff Council on 18.05.2022, a new Executive Board was elected for the election period 01.06.2022 to 31.05.2027. The members of the Executive Committee are:


  • Margrit Elsner (employee, Research and Graduate Service)

Deputy Chairperson:

  • Heike Budnitz (civil servant, Erfurt University Library)

Further members of the board are:

  • Barbara Rokicki (employee, Gotha Research Library)
  • Anke Schirmer (employee, Erfurt University Library)

The following were elected as deputies for the groups:

  • Kristian Reinhold (employee, Department 4) employee group
  • Manuela Sauerwein (civil servant, Erfurt University Library) civil servants group

In addition, the following members belong to the staff council:

  • Dr Holger Baumann (employee, Phil. Faculty)
  •  Jesus Fernandez Alvarez (employee, Language Centre)
  • Veit Helmbold (employee, University Computer and Media Centre)
  • Manuela Dremel (employee, Erfurt University Library)
  • Ulli Zöllner (employee, Erfurt University Library)

In the 1st meeting of the Staff Council, Barbara Rokicki was elected 2nd deputy chairperson and Anke Schirmer 3rd deputy chairperson.

Anne Höhlein (administrative trainee) was elected as youth and trainee representative.