| Willy Brandt School of Public Policy

Promoting Women‘s Labour Force Participation

Senior Brandt Fellow Carmen Niethammer led the discussion for this week's Espresso Talks series. She focused on the importance of women's participation in the modern labour force and its beneficial implications for economic and social growth in contemporary societies.


Several facts and assumptions about women's involvement in current labour markets, the importance of gender-sensitive labour market policies and laws and the need for mechanisms to measure the success of these policies were discussed. While there is some progress in (larger) businesses around the globe, there is still a lot to do, especially when looking at leadership positions in business, but especially also in politics. One crucial bottleneck is the need for collecting and analyzing gender-related performance indicators to identify and assess elements of gender neutrality within labour markets. Case studies such as Sri Lanka’s #SheWorks project in cooperation with @IFC_SouthAsia and Australian Aid illustrate that real progress can be made, once key stakeholders are involved. 


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