"For indigenous peoples human rights are something very arrogant"

The Professorship's research colloquium regularly provides interesting insights into current research topics that deal with the diverse aspects of law and society. At the upcoming event, Dr. Annette Mehlhorn from the Max Planck Institute for Ethnological Research in Halle will offer an insight into her research on indigenous peoples. She will report on indigenous perspectives on law and human rights in the research colloquium, drawing from her many years of field research with indigenous peoples in Latin America. 

Indigenous peoples and communities often have their own conception and practice of law, which is quite different from the European-influenced conception of law. Dr. Mehlhorn's research starts at this point and examines how indigenous groups perceive and enforce their rights. It also addresses the question of what role human rights play in this context and how they are perceived by indigenous communities.

The presentation thus promises not only exciting insights into an often neglected perspective on law and society, but also a discussion about the meaning and relevance of human rights for indigenous peoples and communities.