Research: "In gewisser Weise ist es tatsächlich damit vorbei, das Zeitalter der Aufklärung als Erfolgsgeschichte zu betrachten"(Story)

A workshop has now taken place at the Gotha Research Centre that is intended to mark the start of a longer-term engagement with the climate crisis from the perspective of the history of knowledge. Wait a minute: Climate crisis and historical science, does that fit together?

We must now consider how this new perspective, which we are forced to adopt by the climate crisis, changes our view of the past 500 years. This is especially true for the time of the Enlightenment.

We asked Martin Mulsow, director of the Research Centre, what the climate crisis has to do with the humanities. How the dwindling horizon of the future affects knowledge production. And whether the Enlightenment can still be considered a success story with our knowledge.

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