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Guest Lecture: The Jew Jesus and Christian Theology. Response patterns since the Enlightenment and future tasks

The relationship of Christian theology to the Jew Jesus of Nazareth has moved theologians for a long time. In specialist discourses, questions of the mutual relationship between Judaism and Christianity in particular are discussed with different aspects. The Catholic theologian and publicist Dr Norbert Reck gives the topic a new twist - and puts it up for discussion in a guest lecture on Tuesday, 9 February, at the Theological Research Centre at the University of Erfurt. The event will take place online and begin at 7.15 pm.

The title of the lecture by Norbert Reck is "The Jew Jesus and Christian Theology. Reaction patterns since the Enlightenment and future tasks". His thesis: The profound crisis of Western European Christianity with strong resignation figures in all denominations has not so much to do with a lack of marketing by the churches, but rather with the relationship of Christianity to the Jew Jesus, who never had in mind to deny his Jewishness or to leave it behind, which has not been sufficiently clarified since the dawn of modernity. According to Reck, much will have to change in theology if Christianity is to have a future in this country. For many years, Reck was, among other things, editor of the German-language edition of the magazine "Concilium". He is a member of the discussion group Jews and Christians of the Central Committee of German Catholics. His academic work includes the analysis of the discourses of Auschwitz survivors.

The event will take place digitally via Cisco Webex. Registration is therefore required. If you are interested, please contact Christopher Tschorn by e-mail and you will then receive the link to the event.