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Gotha Research Centre starts the summer semester 2022 with a programme of events

The Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt is starting the summer semester with numerous events, which can now also take place on site again. Due to the great response, digital transmissions are also planned for guest lectures.

The programme of events kicks off today with the international conference "Natural Law and Property. Political Anthropology in the Context of Colonialism". Other conferences will also bring together international researchers from different disciplines for discussion: For example, from 9 to 11 June, the topic will be "Rudolph Zacharias Becker and intellectual Gotha around 1800" and from 7 to 8 July, "Berleburg at the time of Dippel and Edelmann. Radical Pietism, Alchemy and Freethinking (1729–1741)". Furthermore, Gotha research institutions are organising a summer school for (post-)doctoral candidates on historical sources on Africans at early modern European courts from 29 August to 2 September.

Renowned scholars from the fields of history, arts and church history will be coming to the Gotha Research Centre to give guest lectures: on 12 May, for example, Linda Colley (Princeton) will talk about the genesis of her book "The Gun, the Ship and the Pen. Warfare, Constitutions and the Making of the Modern World", which examines the relationship between warfare and constitution-making in the modern era from a global-historical perspective.

In the research seminar "Intellectual History" led by Professor Martin Mulsow, the new employees and scholarship holders will present their projects in the summer semester, including the Job-Ludolf Fellow Professor Gábor Gángó, who is working on the scholarly and political contacts of Boineburg and Seckendorff.

Unless otherwise stated, the events take place in the lecture hall of the Gotha Research Centre (in the "Landschaftshaus"); guest lectures are also broadcast online. For the access link to the online events, please register by email at: