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+++ Attention postponed! +++ Gotha Summer School 2021

+++ Attention +++ The planned Summer School 2021 of the Collection and Research Network Gotha for advanced students (state examination and Master's candidates) as well as doctoral and post-doctoral students on the topic "Weather Phenomena. Natural observations and records as elements of a climate history" will probably be postponed to the winter semester 2022.

"Weather Phenomena, Natural Observations and Records as Elements of a Climate History" is the topic of the summer school organized by the Gotha research institutions of the University of Erfurt together with the Friedenstein Castle Foundation from August 30 to September 3, 2021. Junior scholars who research the topic of climate from the perspective of historical cultural studies are invited. The deadline for applications is June 14, 2021.

As part of the thematic focus 2020/21 "Climate in Historical Perspective", the Gotha Summer School 2021 offers an interdisciplinary group of participants the opportunity to get to know the Gotha collections from this special perspective. The event presents the unique ensemble of the Gotha collections and allows a deeper insight into individual groups of holdings.

The aim of the summer school is to open up a historical perspective on the process of differentiation of meteorology in the 18th and 19th centuries as a sub-field of climate science alongside geography, geology, oceanography and physics, and to trace this process in an interdisciplinary way using the example of the Gotha collections. Whether graphics and paintings, fossils, conchylia and fulgurites, or meticulously hand-kept records, precise instruments and progressive map series – the Gotha collections not only offer a rich fund for historicizing the connections between science, technology and nature using the example of meteorology; they also allow us to reflect on the existential relationship of people to the nature that surrounds them in its significance for the present.

The summer school is aimed at Master's and state examination candidates, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral candidates in historical cultural studies (esp. history, history of art, history of science) who are conducting or preparing a research project corresponding to the topic of the summer school.

Interested researchers can apply until June 14, 2021. You can download the call for applications for the Summer School 2021 with all application details here.

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