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Great Synagogue can now be experienced again virtually

The virtual reconstruction of the Great Synagogue of Erfurt, which was consecrated in 1884 and destroyed by the National Socialists in 1938, is now available to anyone interested in the project. VR glasses can be used free of charge at various locations in Erfurt.

With the cooperation project, a Thuringian synagogue was reconstructed for the first time. Among the synagogues that have been virtually accessible so far, the VR application of the Erfurt synagogue offers an innovative feature: for the first time, it enables interactivity and thus creates even more realism for the users. They can move individually, interact with objects and call up information on Jewish history in the synagogue according to their own selection. The virtual reconstruction of the Great Synagogue provides a broad, heterogeneous and especially young audience with low-threshold access to Jewish history and culture as an integral part of the city's past and present. At the same time, a web 3D model with all content is av ailable on the internet.  The VR glasses can now be used free of charge in the "360Grad Thüringen Digital Entdecken" showroom of Thüringer Tourismus GmbH, in the Topf & Söhne place of remembrance and in the New Synagogue of the Jewish Regional Community, which was built in 1952 on the historic site of the Great Synagogue.

The web 3D model of the Great Synagogue with explanations and information on how to use the VR application can be found at:www.juedisches-leben-thueringen.de/projekte/synagoge-ef-vr/