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Founding team "Zukunftswissen" accepted into ASPIRE programme for social innovations

As part of the support for founders who want to make an important contribution to solving today's social problems with social innovations, the founding team "Zukunftswissen" was accepted into the ASPIRE programme of the "Social Tides" initiative. The Founders Service congratulates the two team members Anna Schild (University of Erfurt) and Annika Lueg (TMU Munich) on this great success, which can also open up follow-up financing options for the start-up project.

Across Europe, creative minds are working to solve the biggest challenges of our time. As the DNA of new business models, innovations enable a better future in Europe and the world. To further exploit the potential of innovative ideas for social-ecological change, access barriers to financial resources, expertise and networks must be further reduced.Therefore, Social Tides is committed to promoting social impact ideas, their implementation and the people behind them, in order to accelerate the development towards an inclusive, more sustainable and crisis-proof European future, in cooperation with the social economy ecosystem in Europe.

More information on the Social Tides initiative can be found here