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Incapacity for work must be notified immediately

Against the background of a letter from the Thüringer Landesamt für Finanzen (TLF) the Department 2: Human Resources of the University of Erfurt once again explicitly points out that incapacities to work with and without an AU-certificate of employees must be reported immediately to the TLF in order to avoid overpayments of wages or at least to limit the period of overpayment and to enable prompt payment of sickness benefit.

Department 2  therefore asks all colleagues in their departments to ensure that the AU-certificates are submitted immediately to the Human Resources Department or, in the case of non-scientific employees, that the correction document is reported and, in the scientific sector, that an e-mail is sent to the function e-mail gleitzeit@uni-erfurt.de.

In addition, all applications to the Human Resources Department (as before Corona) must again be submitted exclusively in paper form, and all HR administrators are again on site. In particularly urgent cases, the application can be submitted in advance by e-mail as an exception.