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Information on the extension of the standard period of study and BAföG

With regard to the planned extension of the standard period of study in the state of Thuringia against the backdrop of the Corona pandemic, the Thuringian Student Services Centre now has the following to say about BAföG:

With the Second Law for the Implementation of Necessary Measures in Connection with the Corona Pandemic (2nd ThürCorPanG), Article 6 § 6 Paragraph 1 of the Thuringian Law for Mitigating the Consequences of the Corona Pandemic in Higher Education (ThürCorHG), the standard period of study for students enrolled in the winter semester 2020/2021 and summer semester 2021 who are not on leave of absence is to be extended by one semester each.

How does this regulation affect the BAföG regulations?
Wherever funding regulations refer to the counting of semesters, Section 6 (1) ThürCorPanG has direct effect. This essentially concerns:

  • the determination of the maximum period of support (section 15, paragraph 2 BAföG);
  • the deadline for submitting proof of academic achievement (section 48(1) BAföG);
  • the requirements for funding another course of study after a previous course of study has been discontinued or after a change of subject (§ 7, Para. 3 BAföG).

Who benefits directly from this regulation in terms of funding law?
All students who had not yet reached the end of the maximum funding period (= standard period of study) by the end of the summer semester 2020.  

Who must now do what to secure their entitlement to funding under BAföG?
In principle, the extension of the standard period of study is taken into account ex officio.

Students who have applied for funding/continuing funding from the summer semester 2021 onwards and have received a decision should send an email to the BAföG Office requesting a review, in particular if:

  • the application has been rejected on the merits (e.g. due to a change of subject area in accordance with § 7 Para. 3 BAföG or failure to submit proof of academic achievement in accordance with § 48 Para. 1 BAföG);
  • educational support was granted beyond the maximum period of support (§ 15, par. 3 or 3a BAföG);
  • BAföG benefits were only granted until the end of the summer semester 2021 due to a performance record to be submitted for the winter semester 2021/2022.  

Students who will have reached the maximum funding period by the end of the winter semester 2020/2021 and who have not yet submitted a BAföG application because, in their view, there is no reason for funding beyond this period, should submit the application now. The same applies to those who have not submitted a (further) funding application due to a lack of proof of achievement in accordance with Section 48 (1) BAföG.