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Interesting new acquisitions

The Gotha Research Library of the University of Erfurt has acquired new manuscripts, including a letter from Friedrich Gerstäcker (1816–1872), who was mainly a travel writer and travel companion of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and a permanent guest in Gotha.

"My residence is in Gotha now" is also written in the letter of Gottfried Vockerodt (1665–1727) addressed to a theater director. Vockerodt was vice-rector and principal of the Gymnasium illustre in Gotha, but above all also a pioneer of Pietism. In addition, with the cantata "Ich habe einen guten Kampf kämpfen" and the "Missa canonica" (C major) by Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel (1690–1749), two works in 19th century transcription were acquired, which very well complement the existing collection of music on this composer and music theorist who acted as court Kapellmeister under Duke Friedrich II.

The most recent new acquisitions in the field of Oriental Studies include Nestorius Marcus' memoirs "A Persian in Scotland. Being the Story of the Life of Nestorius Marcus of Uru-mia, Persia, Student of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh". It is one of the few Persian reports about England and Scotland in the 19th century, printed in Edinburgh in 1898. It is hardly known and extremely rare. The unique book contains a handwritten dedication by Nestorius Marcus to the Duke of Buccleuch.