| Max-Weber-Kolleg

Internationalisation of research in times of war

The Max-Weber-Kolleg sends a clear signal against war and for understanding.

The Max-Weber-Kolleg is an Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Erfurt and welcomes a large number of scholars (including doctoral researchers) from Germany and abroad every year for research stays with the aim of carrying out joint projects, mutual enrichment and gaining new perspectives. International exchange is a key concern here, helping to break down a limited Eurocentric perspective or even one limited to Germany alone. The processes of translation and communication, which are necessary to make culturally different academic perspectives mutually fruitful, are both a challenge and an opportunity for the development of new research results.

The current situation of war in Ukraine triggered by the Russian president is destroying essential foundations for science, namely peace, freedom, and liberty of speech. Against this background and in view of the sometimes misleading reports in the press regarding the "expulsion of Russian students" from Erfurt, the Max-Weber-Kolleg declares: "We believe in the unifying power of international scientific cooperation, in persuasion through arguments in discourse and in the necessity of freedom, peace and human rights for science and education. Therefore, we want to continue to cooperate with scientists from all regions of the world who share these convictions, and we also welcome colleagues from Ukraine and Russia."

"It seems important to us to post this statement in German as well as in English on our website to send a clear signal against war and for understanding. I met Russian students who are just as horrified as we are about the war of aggression in Ukraine. It is important to support these students and academics," says Hartmut Rosa, Director of the Max-Weber-Kolleg for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies at the University of Erfurt.