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Model United Nations (NMUN) 2024

24. Mar 2024 - 29. Mar 2024
New York
Model United Nations
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International simulation of the United Nations in New York.

Background: MUN at the University of Erfurt

Model United Nations is a practical simulation of the United Nations (UN) in which participants represent an assigned country in one of the UN bodies. Current international problems are discussed according to the UN agenda. The aim is to agree on a resolution, discuss it and pass it. The main aim is to apply specialised knowledge, rhetorical and diplomatic skills and negotiation skills.

In the first part of the seminar, students deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of international law, international relations, rhetoric, negotiation strategies and political writing in block seminars. The aim is to prepare a position paper for the country to be represented in New York City or in a European city. In the second part of the programme, participants build on their theoretical knowledge by taking part in preparatory simulations of the UN throughout Germany, in which they represent their country in the UN bodies through public speeches and negotiations in informal meetings. The annual highlight of the seminar is participation in the world's largest Model UN Conference in NYC, USA.

This year, the University of Erfurt delegation is representing Canada and Monaco together with the University of Trier.

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