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Myriam Wijlens retains honorary professorship at Durham University

The Durham University has once again appointed Professor Myriam Wijlens, canon lawyer at the University of Erfurt, as Honorary Professor. She has already received this honour several times since 2012.

The professorship is linked in particular to a research cooperation in the "Receptive Ecumenism" project. Professor Wijlens and Professor Paul Murray, the head of the Department of Theology and Religion in Durham, were appointed in 2018 by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in the Vatican and by the Anglican Church in Canterbury as experts for the international dialogue between Anglicans and Catholics (ARCIC III), among others, because of this project. This project also includes research into the structures of decision-making in the two churches. Closely related to this is Myriam Wijlens' research on

„Transparency – Accountability – Responsability: Reform of Church Structures and Practices".

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