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New insights into the "West Windows"

The actors in the research project "What is Western about the West?" at the University of Erfurt use "West Windows", a format with which they regularly publish small articles that provide insights into their research topic.

Whether on International Women's Day, Revolution, Brexite or the crisis of the Orthodox Church in the Ukraine - it is worth taking a look. A new article has just been published in which Oxford Professor Lena Salaymeh writes on the subject of "Secularism and Eurocentrism.

The project "What is Western about the West?" takes a look at spatio-temporal practices of the production and representation of Westernity and thus addresses a highly political and socially relevant question. For despite numerous attempts to explain the "West" or the "Western" or to portray it as overcome, the unreflective treatment of the associated figures of thought is (still) enormously effective. The project will initially run until 2021 and is supported by the State of Thuringia and the Thüringer Aufbaubank.