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New functions for the university website

Last week, another so-called "sprint" took place, during which new functions were added to the university's website, among other things. These functions improve the user experience and support the editors in the presentation of complex content on their website:

World Map
The first new feature is the world map, which was funded by the collegial research group "Religion and Urbanity" at the Max-Weber-Kolleg and is now available to all editors. With this feature, you can now display an interactive world map on your site that helps visitors to map (international) projects, locations, or people. This is especially useful for global projects and areas with a strong international focus. After you have been enabled for this feature, you can easily customize the map and link it to various information and links. If you need approval for the map function, please write to us at typo3@uni-erfurt.de so that we can set up the map for your area and instruct you on how to use the function. (example: https: //www.uni-erfurt.de/beispielseiten/inhaltselemente/weltkarte)

We have introduced a timeline that allows you to highlight milestones of a project on our website. This feature is ideal for projects that want to show their achievements and progress on a visual timeline. Or for topics for which you want to visualize a timeline, such as an application for a degree program. You can easily embed the timeline, customize it, and link it to various events and details. The function has been introduced, among other things, for the pages where we present the research projects of the university. If you would like to use this possibility of presentation for your project, please send your data to pressestelle@uni-erfurt.de. (example: www.uni-erfurt.de/beispielseiten/inhaltselemente/timeline-zeitstrahl)
+++ Attention: Unfortunately, this new feature currently still causes all pages to reload/flicker in Firefox. We are currently in the process of fixing this. +++

Modification date
Another useful feature is the modification date, which is now displayed in the footer for every page (except the home page). This lets visitors know when your page was last updated. The feature can also be disabled for central pages. If you would like this for your site, please contact the web team through the ticket system.

Search scope selection
We will be adding a new search scope selection feature. Visitors will then be able to select whether they want to search within a specific scope, such as within a faculty. This is to help users search faster and more effectively. The search scope selection will be available in the next few days.

For questions, suggestions and criticism please contact the TYPO3 team:

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