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New publication: "Jenseits der Macht"

"Jenseits der Macht. Kleine Einführung in die christliche Theologie" is the title of a new monograph by Prof. Dr. Josef Römelt. The latest work of the moral theologian has now been published by Aschendorff Verlag.

The issue of power is currently widely discussed in public. The book fundamentally asks for an understanding of human power that attempts to deal with its opportunities and its limits in a realistic way. With technology and the development of freedom, but also with the threat of self-destruction and the challenge of permanent mortality.
It is the horizon of the experience of God that makes this realism possible. Precisely because God's devotion leaves the mere play with power far behind, a beyond of power can be experienced in the powerlessness of his love, which is manifested in Christ's cross. From it a hope opens up for the humane development of society, for the moderate use of nature's resources, for a life in material and existential security.

Josef Römelt
Jenseits der Macht. Kleine Einführung in die christliche Theologie
Münster: Aschendorff Verlag, 2020
ISBN 978-3-402-24676-4
156 pages
19,80 EUR