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Karl Morgenstern - the forgotten "inventor" of the "Bildungsroman"

German studies has invented so many terms that you can easily fill entire encyclopaedias with them, but only one single, very simple term from the early days of the subject is used today all over the world as a common foreign word as a matter of course, even by scholars who do not know German at all, namely the term Bildungsroman.

As familiar as this globally common term is, its "inventor", the Magdeburg-born philologist Karl Morgenstern (1770-1852), who worked for more than three decades as a professor at the University of Dorpat (Tartu) in Estonia, has been forgotten. His two fundamental lectures on the nature and history of the Bildungsroman, which the Goethe admirer held in Dorpat 200 years ago, have now been edited and commented on by the literary scholar Dirk Sangmeister from the Gotha Research Centre of the University of Erfurt on the basis of Morgenstern's annotated hand copies. This first book edition of two texts with worldwide implications has now been published by Lumpeter & Lasel (Eutin) in the run-up to Morgenstern's 250th birthday (on August, 28).

Dr. Dirk Sangmeister (Hrsg.)
Karl Morgenstern. Der Bildungsroman.
Die beiden grundlegenden Vorträge über einen global gebräuchlichen Begriff.
Eutin: Lumpeter & Lasel 2020.
ISBN 978-3-946298-20-5
154 pages
16,80 EUR