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New applications for funding from the Matching Fund only from 2023 onwards

Against the background of the current financial situation of the University of Erfurt, the Presidium has decided not to approve any new applications for participation in externally funded project projects or projects through central funding from the so-called Matching Fund in 2022. New applications will only be possible again from 2023.


Background to the Matching Fund
Within the framework of some project funding formats of third-party funders (such as the BMBF or the VW Foundation), participation in research projects is often expected through "own funds" of the institution. In most cases, the "own funds" are included for the period of implementation of the approved project. In some cases, however, prior participation or complete pre-financing of measures to prepare the project also proves to be useful and may also increase the prospects for the success of the application.

Funding can be applied for from the University of Erfurt's so-called Matching Fund if participation in project plans or projects through "own funds" is necessary or sensible and the other formats of internal university research funding cannot be used. The allocation of funds from the Matching Fund is carried out by the Presidium on the basis of an application which must be coordinated in advance with the Presidium Office / Staff Unit University Development.