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New Gotha Research Library blog post: „Ein’ feste Burg“ in Altgriechisch? Das gelöste Rätsel einer Gothaer Liedersammlung

Among the rich testimonies of early modern musical culture in the Gotha Research Library is a manuscript that is a curiosity and absolutely unique: a collection of 53 Lutheran songs together with their interpretations in ancient Greek translation (Chart. A 1027). There has long been speculation about the motivation for this translation work. Was it purely a scholarly game? Or were the Greek songs intended to serve pedagogical purposes?

"Ein' feste Burg"
The chorale "Ein' feste Burg" in German, Ancient Greek and Latin. FB Gotha, Chart. A 1027, Bl. 291v-292r.

Read the full text on the Gotha Research Library blog.

Link to the german blog post