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New issue of "Religion and urbanity online"

A new issue of the open access journal "Religion and urbanity online" of the DFG-funded collaborative research group "Religion und Urbanity" at the University of Erfurt has just been published. This time, the thematic focus is on the role of religion and the transformation of religion in processes of urbanisation.

Christopher Smith reflects about the development of a religious field in processes of binding elite groups to a densified settlement. Matthew Naglak interprets the rise of central Italian Gabii in terms of house societies. Claudia Moser explores the co-development of production and ritual spaces in early Italian sanctuaries. Onno van Nijf and Christina Williamson analyse the production of interurban networks through festivals in the Hellenistic Eastern Mediterranean.

Groundbreaking work on the urban dimension of religious practices and reflections in precarious settlements is published as a second focus. Martin Fuchs follows Dalits in Dharavi (Mumbai) and Qudsiya Contractor presents empirical research on Muslims opting for an intensification of religion in Hindu-majority Mumbai.