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New Online Archive for Oral History Interviews

On September 25 and 26 2023, the interview portal "Oral-History.Digital" was published online. Dr Agnès Arp and Alexandra Petri, M.A., from the Oral-History Research Centre Erfurt were present. The OHF also uses the online portal to archive conducted interviews.

On September 25 and 26, 2023, the interview portal "Oral-History.Digital" was published. At the release event, the initiators and project staff presented the indexing and research environment for audiovisual narrative research data developed in a three-year DFG project. On the following day, a workshop with participating archives, researchers and external experts discussed the possible uses and perspectives of "Oral-History.Digital".

Click here for the press release of Oral-History.Digital

The digital archive portal archives interviews from completed and ongoing research projects at the University of Erfurt (experience of dictatorship and transformation; migrant life after 1989 in Erfurt; voluntarism and political participation in the GDR newcomer movement) as well as from completed interview projects by Dr Agnès Arp (research topics around GDR home children, SED victims, memories of the GDR, experiences in the transformation period).

Further collections are in preparation.

For the development of a common infrastructure for the scientific storage of oral history interviews, the Oral History Research Centre at the University of Erfurt cooperates with the "Oral-History.Digital" project. The project supports collecting institutions and research projects with archiving, indexing and provision as well as cross-collection research, annotation and evaluation.