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New publication on democracy and religion

What would modernity be without religion? Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosa, director of the Max-Weber-Kolleg at the University of Erfurt, explores this question in his publication "Demokratie braucht Religion" ("Democracy Needs Religion"), which has just been published by Verlag Kösel.

It is no secret that the Christian churches in this country – even irrespective of the current scandals – have a massive problem. The decline in membership is not the only evidence of this resonance problem. But what happens when religion as a whole no longer generates any resonance in democratic society? What does society lose, what does democracy lose, if religion no longer plays a role in it? And what is the potential of religion for our future as a democracy?

Following these questions, Hartmut Rosa in "Demokratie braucht Religion" again analyzes our modernity and dares to think about what happens if the reservoir of ideas of centuries-old religions is lost in a highly modern society. The text is based on Rosa's lecture at the Würzburg Diocesan Reception on January 17, 2022; Gregor Gysi wrote the foreword.

Cover Democracy needs religion

Hartmut Rosa
Demokratie braucht Religion
Munich: Kösel, 2022
ISBN (print edition): 978-3-466-37303-1
ISBN (e-book): 978-3-641-30185-9
80 pages
12 EUR (print edition)
7.99 EUR (e-book)