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New software offer for members of the University of Erfurt

Students and those employed in research and teaching at the University of Erfurt can now use the MATLAB and Simulink learning products for their work without restriction and free of charge.

To that end, the university has signed an agreement with MathWorks that will allow the named individuals access to MATLAB, Simulink and additional products on and off campus and on any device. MATLAB is a programming and numerical computing platform used by millions of engineers and scientists to analyse data, develop algorithms and create models. Simulink is a block diagram environment for designing systems with multi-domain models, simulating before moving to hardware and deploying the system without programming.

The agreement, which was made as part of the work of the University IT Centre of the Thuringian universities, is initially valid until 30 June 2026. If required, you can register for use (including online training for self-study) at the following link: www.uni-erfurt.de/universitaetsrechen-und-medienzentrum/dienste/buero-arbeitsplatz/softwareangebot/matlab-wissenschaftliches-rechnen (in German only). You will also find further information there.

By the way...

...the University Computer and Media Center (URMZ) has revised and expanded its software website. It now contains not only an overview of the software offered at the university, but also information on areas of application and how to obtain it, descriptions, usage and data protection information, as well as tips on software installation.

Link zu den Software-Seiten des URMZ