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New "Tutoren@eTeach" training in the summer semester

In the summer semester, the eTeach Network Thuringia is once again offering the free training course "Tutoren@eTeach". The topics are taught in hybrid and online workshops. In addition, there are Moodle self-learning rooms that allow asynchronous learning on one's own.

As part of the training, students are trained as eTutors. They can then provide targeted support to lecturers in using digital forms of teaching and learning and integrating digital tools into their teaching. The students who are to complete the training are selected by lecturers and trained and accompanied by the Tutoren@eTeach team in a variety of topics.

After completing the training, eTutors can assist in the development and creation of teaching materials and courses or even implement their own teaching projects. You will have learned about the following topics and will be able to apply what you have learned:

  • formats of media-enriched teaching and appropriate methods;
  • use and design of multimedia learning resources;
  • use of digital tools (especially videos, LMS such as Moodle and video conferencing systems);
  • digital examination formats, both summative and formative;
  • dealing with copyright and data protection in teaching.

What do you need to do to register your students for the Tutoren@eTeach training? Select a suitable candidate from among your students. The candidate:s will take care of the registration themselves. All you have to do is fill out the registration form on the training website: www.eteach-thueringen.de/tutoren and send it off.

If you have any questions about the training, please contact Uwe Cämmerer-Seibel, from the eTeach network's media didactics department: kontakt@eteach-thueringen.de. Of course you can also contact the eTeach contact point at the University of Erfurt (eteach@uni-erfurt.de).