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Organisational changes in Office365 use

Members of the university have the option of using Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on private or self-administered computers as part of the state contract. In the course of a change in the framework contract, changes in the registration for the use of the software will be necessary from next week.

Under the current framework agreement, Thuringia's higher education institutions are entitled to provide their students and staff with Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus during the term of the state contract. The software is offered in the form of a subscription and gives users the option of installing the Office products on up to five private devices (Windows, Macintosh). This framework agreement has now expired. To ensure the continued licensing of Microsoft Corporation products, the universities in Thuringia, under the leadership of the Ilmenau University of Technology, have joined the new nationwide "Microsoft Campus and School Subscription - Framework Agreement".

The changeover of the contract is now associated with changes in the registration of users of this offer - as software on the private device or as online service via office.com. Devices that are administered by the University Computing and Media Centre (URMZ) are not affected.

Until now, due to our settings, i.e. due to the connection of our domain, a so-called Microsoft school and business account was created during registration, which consisted of Vorname.Nachname@uni-erfurt.de. Due to the new contract with Microsoft, the domain must be detached from the existing client ("customer account") and linked again on 16 February.

What does this mean for users of the 365 ProPlus offer?

In a first step, the registered login name for Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus must be changed from "@uni-erfurt.de" to the technical domain of the previous client "@TechnischeUnivers049.onmicrosoft.com".

Your login name for Microsoft Office 365 changes according to the scheme from

  • previously: <first name>.<last name>@uni-erfurt.de (your e-mail address).
  • in future: <first name>.<last name>.UNIE@TechnischeUnivers049.onmicrosoft.com

Another email from the SAGS Office 365 Team (sags-office365@tu-ilmenau.de) will inform users about the changeover. Only after receiving this further email must the new login name be used. The team will start the changeover on 16 February2022.

The university account and the e-mail address at the University of Erfurt remain unaffected by the change. Only the log-in for own local installations of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus and log-ins to the Microsoft Online Portal https://portal.microsoft.com or https://office.com - for online use of Office products - must be updated to the new log-in name after the changeover.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at office365@uni-erfurt.de.