Panel discussion: Local elections

On 26 May 2024, local elections will be held in Erfurt (and throughout Thuringia). The start of a series of important elections. The Student Council of the University of Erfurt therefore invited six candidates from democratic parties to discuss perspectives and ideas for Erfurt as a university city on 25 April. I had the great pleasure of moderating the discussion and learning a lot about Erfurt and political engagement. Melissa Butt (SPD), Anna Altstädt (Mehrwertstadt), Erik Limburg (Piraten-ÖDP), Jasper Robeck (Grüne), Lilli Fischer (CDU) and Julian Degen (Linke) had a very lively, tough but always respectful discussion. And especially good and important: the lecture hall was absolutely packed, despite more than two hours of discussion. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Poster