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Professor Till Talaulicar appointed for a second term as CGIR Editor-in-Chief

Till Talaulicar, Professor of Organisation and Management at the University of Erfurt, has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Corporate Governance: An International Review" (CGIR) for a second term. Together with Professor Konstantinos Stathopoulos (Manchester Business School), he will lead the journal for another three years.

CGIR is the world's leading journal in the field of corporate governance. Last year, nearly 700 original manuscripts were submitted from a variety of disciplines dealing with corporate governance issues. The acceptance rate of submitted manuscripts is less than five per cent. The journal's current impact factor is 3.396 (over five years: 6.309).

In their first term, Stathopoulos and Talaulicar have, among other things, significantly expanded the journal's leadership team and its editorial board of proven reviewers. After an initial pre-selection by three screening editors, the review process of submitted manuscripts is now led by 26 editors, who have more than 100 members of the editorial board at their disposal in addition to the expertise of ad hoc reviewers. In addition, a social media presence has been established so that the journal can also be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter.

For more information, please visit the homepage of Corporate Governance: An International Review. The journal's articles are freely accessible to members of the University of Erfurt.


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