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Project presentation and reading: "The smell of dictatorship"

The research network "Dictatorship Experience and Transformation" (Forschungsverbund Diktaturerfahrung und Transformation, DuT) invites you to a reading by Annett Gröschner entitled "The Smell of Dictatorship" on 17 May. It begins at 6 pm in "Haus Dacheröden".

What does dictatorship smell like? What does it leave in us? How does it represent itself on the map? The smell of uniforms in the rain, the knot of the pioneer neckerchief. When Syrian-Syrian author Dima Albitar Kalaji and author Annett Gröschner, who grew up in East Germany, visited the Stasi Museum in Berlin in 2018, they both realised how resonant their memories of their experiences in the dictatorship are. In the project "Smell of Dictatorship", they investigate the interconnections of the Syrian and GDR dictatorships artistically using research tools. Annett Gröscher will present the project in more detail at the event in "Haus Dacheröden".

further information:
email: dut.info@uni-erfurt.de